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The Alex Tremble Show

The Alex Tremble Show: How to Develop Authentic Relationships with Powerful and Influential People with Rene Redwood

Navigating The Growing DEI Solutions Vendor Space

Businesses committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) encounter an increasingly
crowded landscape of service providers with little guidance about the breadth of services
available and what to expect from potential partners. Forrester interviewed 26 DEI
solutions providers with services ranging from DEI strategy consulting and learning to
executive coaching and university certificate programs.

Michelle Bailey Set to Lead Push for Greater Equity in Tech as New CEO of WITI

"Michelle is known for her consistency, focus and collaboration, and clients trust her to guide them towards a transformed work culture," said Rene Redwood, CEO of Redwood Enterprise and fellow Advisory Board member at WITI. "Having worked closely with Michelle for years, there's no doubt that her tenacity for transformation, business experience and commitment to justice and equity in the workplace is the leadership we need to move WITI forward."

Climate Review John Jay Report

Sexual Harassment Washington (NFL)

Sexual Harassment Washington

A Report to BlackRock

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