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Redwood Enterprise, LLC uses a collaborative business model to gain the benefits of scale and scope from a team of senior and executive level expertise designed to fit the unique needs and budget of our clients. Our extensive experience in diversity, quantitative and qualitative research, workforce development, civil rights and community-based organizing has bolstered our record for winning battles of access and equity.


The strategic partnerships developed with and by Redwood Enterprise put into practice the shared values that underpin our businesses and draws from our competencies to deliver results. We leverage the best of what each firm has to offer and bring forth a comprehensive approach for solutions

René Redwood is the CEO and Founder of Redwood Enterprise, LLC which has led judicial, legislative, commercial, and political wins for public, non-profit, and private sector organizations. She informs the debate on equal opportunity and fuels change in communities, industry, and cohorts. 




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Working Ideal

Working IDEAL provides trusted, effective and innovative advice on inclusive workplaces, diverse talent and fair pay to large and small companies, universities, non-profits, unions and other organizations across the nation. We bring deep experience with law, data analysis, workplace practices, applied social science literature, training and development, and public engagement. 

The Melanin Collective

The Melanin Collective's mission is to create a transformational space for all women of color (WoC) to see their true self and value, to work as a collective for the common good, and to develop supportive, professional, and lasting relationships. They provide educational resources and workshops on issues including self-development, financial management, and more that are uniquely tailored to the experiences of women of color. 

Lake Research Partners

Lake Research Partners has become one of the most respected Democratic polling firms in the country. The firm's work has moved the progressive agenda forward on a variety of issues. LRP provides a range of expert services ranging from political polling and strategic campaign consulting to ad testing. They do this through using a host of research and analytical tools ranging from surveys, data modeling, and regression analyses. 


FranklinCovey is the world leader in helping organizations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior, often the most difficult challenge any organization faces. When accomplished, it is also the most durable competitive advantage. They provide content, tools, methodology, training and thought leadership, all based on a foundation of unshakeable principles and proven practices. 


At Golf. My Future. My Game. our goal is to raise awareness of the values, the camaraderie, the lessons and the opportunities that golf has to offer. It's a sport from which everyone can benefit.  It's your future and it's your game!  Our programs allow us to create and design conversations around golfing experiences to encourage and promote (students’ and adults') interest in both the game and business of golf.

Holliday Advisors

Holliday Advisors provides strategy services. We offer training to help organizations implement strategy. Additionally, we are thought partners with leaders to help them sustain success. Our clients include businesses, nonprofits, campaigns, and leaders.  We work to help small and midsize organizations solve problems, plan for the future, and stay on track. 

Target Smart

TargetSmart’s data offerings were created to seamlessly align with our clients’ strategic goals and are tailored to suit your organization’s unique objectives. From marketing and campaign management software to high-tech data enhancement tools, TargetSmart's products encompass all aspects of effective targeting.

Grossman Heinz

GROSSMAN HEINZ combines decades of on-the-ground organizing and political campaign experience with creative management expertise to help our clients execute winning strategies in policy, politics and advocacy. We put together the right people with the right plan and deliver winning outcomes for our clients.

Dr. Silas Lee and Associates

Dr. Silas Lee is a nationally recognized pollster and strategist for a host of corporate, non-profit, public sector, political, and legal clients over the last 30 years. His company, Dr. Silas Lee and Associates, specializes in conducting public opinion research and creating communications strategies.

Tremble Influence Academy (TIA)

Tremble Influence Academy (TIA) founded by Alex D. Tremble, offers keynote addresses, workshops, and coaching programs specifically geared towards helping leaders grow the politically savvy, strategic networking, and effective mentoring skills required to excel in the workplace. With over 10 years’ experience coaching and advising senior officials, Alex’s leadership development strategies have been consistently tested and proven effective. Please visit for more information on his offerings.

Kirk Perucca Associates, Inc.

Kirk Perucca Associates, Inc. led by Kirk P. Perucca, has collectively spent years helping organizations make diversity and inclusion a strategy that will add value to your organization. Our trained associates will help your organization include diversity in its business activities through strategic initiatives, beginning with a diversity strategic plan, coupled with training activities, self evaluation and business games  that create an engaged and impactful training program.


Gordon Sumner Consulting, LLC and every member of the team commit themselves to providing superior quality service and support to our clients that naturally produces sustainable results. We commit to learning our client’s culture so that we can better serve and support your requirements.


Diverse & Engaged

Diverse & Engaged provides programs and initiatives that engage, support and develop diverse populations i.e. multicultural women, African-Americans and millennial's. They develop programs and initiatives to engage, support, train, and develop diverse consumers, workforce, and suppliers.

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