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How we help

Training + Development

  • Awareness and Mitigating impact of Bias

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Preventing Sexual Harassment

  • Effective Multicultural Communication  

Inquiry + Assessment

  • Barrier Analysis

  • Data-informed, culturally proficient  analytical work 

  • Diversity Audit

  • Work Place Culture Assessment

Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Forecasting

  • Stakeholder Interface

  • Strategic Diversity Plan

Facilitation + Moderation

  • Employee Engagement

  • Community Relation Building

  • Diversity Discussions

Our Process

What we Offer

Barrier Analysis

Redwood Enterprise, LLC uses barrier analysis to process where an organization’s “self-assessment” or public behavior reveals obstacles to equality of opportunity, lack of or limited diversity throughout the ranks of the organization, and the institutional culture is stagnant, uninspired, and fails to leverage the best of its workforce or engage fully and respectfully with its customers or constituents.

Potential barriers are found in policies, practices, procedures, and conditions in the workplace or communities. Our methodology is data-informed to conduct quantitative and culturally competent qualitative analyses, development of strategies targeted to mitigate the specific barriers to inclusion and participation, and focuses resources at specific impediments.


Strategic Leadership Directions and Training

Redwood Enterprise understands that workplace culture will change. This change can happen at-will or through strategic leadership direction.  Looking beyond compliance with the laws and policies on the books, Redwood Enterprise, LLC works with organizations create cultures that are deemed welcoming and fair. We facilitate measurable outcomes that value differences, promote inclusion, and foster a climate of fairness. Through our proprietary process, leadership establishes the vision and culture it seeks in the organization.  Manage change in your organization, don't let it control your environment. 


Training gives employees the tools to manifest change according to the strategic direction set forth by leadership. Our training focuses on: trust in workplace environments and culture; employee engagement; organizational climate; manager of cultural competence and diversity capability; and aligning human resource and diversity policies and practices with the business or mission objectives.


 Policy and Data Research

Redwood Enterprise, LLC evaluates policies for the applicability across cohorts and its relevance to providing sustainable solutions within communities and across our nation. Our policy research and analysis uses a comprehensive scan of the key forces as they influence and affect the human condition. Our methodology incorporates demographic, economic, legal, legislative, political, social, cultural and technological factors.